Best Diet for Immune System

A diet suited to one’s genetic and immune characteristics helps maintain a better state of well-being over time.
Initial physical conditions are important in understanding how rigorously following a diet and what effects it will have on the body.

Healthy people can choose to eat based on their blood type as a basic lifestyle, to prevent or reduce the likelihood of disease in the future. If you are one of these people, you can give yourself some degree of freedom in applying certain rules without significant harm, especially if you play sports.

If you are of those who have mild health problems, you will get a rapid improvement in physical condition; sometimes you can transgress by paying an acceptable price in terms of health problems.

If, on the other hand, you suffer from serious diseases (for example autoimmune diseases), in applying the diet, you will have better benefits if you follow the rules scrupulously.

Any food lifestyle with a goal of physical well-being generally presents itself as a fundamental condition, the elimination of junk food from one’s diet and beyond. By this term we mainly mean street food (sandwiches, hot dogs, fried foods sold in small kiosks and large franchise chains), spread all over the western world. But there are other pitfalls from a food standpoint that you would never have imagined and which we will discuss later.

In this search for physical well-being, it is important to always read very carefully the composition of the foods you buy especially those that are ready to eat or to heat before in the microwave (not recommended) since they can contain, even if in small quantities, harmful substances. It would be advisable to start cooking your food; you don’t have to be a chef to put together natural ingredients and prepare healthy meals.
Whenever possible, it is better to direct your choice towards organic food, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, without dyes and preservatives harmful to health.

Depending on the goal you intend to achieve, whether it’s weight loss or maintaining your ideal weight and any type of low-carb diet you want to adopt for your healthy lifestyle, you can always apply the rules that characterize your blood type. We know for example that a ketogenic diet mainly involves the consumption of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, eggs. No carbs from cereals or similar sources and no fruit except blackberries and raspberries that have a minimal effect on blood sugar. If you are of the 0 blood group, among the vegetables it would be better to avoid the consumption of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, aubergines, black olives; foods that have a red light for the indicated blood type. In this case, to the benefits of a ketogenic diet evidently with very low carb content, are added those deriving from a diet suitable for their genetic characteristics, to avoid a possible negative immune response from your body towards those foods responsible for disorders apparently unexplained.

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