Type 0

Blood type 0 is the oldest and dates back to the first humans who appeared on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. These prehistoric men, probably originally from Africa, not yet hunters, did not have a long life and could die for many reasons, from infectious diseases to simple fractures. In the beginning, they used their resources and their intelligence mainly to defend themselves from the hostile environment in which they found themselves surviving.

Homo habilis, which lived about 2.5 million years ago, was presumably the first to handle utensils. As he was not yet skilled hunters, he ate wild plants, larvae, and animals killed by other predators.

The first true hunter in the evolutionary history of man was probably homo Erectus who began to develop his predatory skills with the first migrations, changing his diet radically.

With the appearance of the Neanderthal men (at least 200,000 years ago; the oldest potential Neanderthal bones are dated to 430,000 years ago but the classification is uncertain) and the Cro-Magnon-Sapiens men (about 40,000 years ago) our ancestors, all belonging to group 0, became hunters who fed mainly on meat. They started hunting in organized groups, and soon they were able to build weapons and use tools, obtaining the main position in the food chain.

This condition also allowed man to reproduce more effectively: the protein-rich diet provided him with all the nutrients and energy he needed to populate the world, and it was during this period that the blood type 0 reached its maximum expansion. Thus also began mass migrations from Africa to Europe and Asia, in search of new hunting grounds. During the next 30,000 years, they arrived in all areas of the planet, except for Antarctica, and populated them.

The blood group theories of Dr. D’Adamo are reflected in the fact that still today the group 0 is the most widespread in the world. People belonging to group 0 have a very reactive immune system. The digestive system is strong with a degree of acidity capable of tolerating a slight state of ketosis (alteration of the metabolism due to a diet rich in proteins and fats and low in carbohydrates). To stay healthy, type 0 needs a diet rich in animal proteins, vegetables, and some fruit, combined with an intense physical activity program. Like all other blood groups, type 0 also does not tolerate dairy products, cereals containing gluten, and some legumes (especially lentils) because its body, although it has evolved, has not yet adapted to these foods.

In the blood type 0 diet, it is not advisable to eat foods containing gluten. This is because the lectins of these foods interfere with type 0 metabolism, weakening the activity of insulin. This reaction causes not only weight gain, but in the long term, it can lead to far more serious diseases, such as diabetes. Gluten is the main responsible for weight gain in group 0. Contained in wheat germ and more generally in wheat-based products, gluten pushes the metabolism in a direction opposite to that of the ketosis phenomenon. In this way, the condition of slight “acidity”, needed by people of group 0 to metabolize food efficiently, is lacking.
Another factor that type 0 should pay attention to is the tendency to hypothyroidism (the thyroid gland cannot produce the amount of hormones necessary to make metabolic processes work at full speed). A valid aid for group 0 people suffering from this condition is iodine, contained in fish, which stimulates the production of thyroid hormones; it is advisable in the diet of the blood type 0 the intake of meat, fish, and vegetables.

Group 0 people tend to react to stress quickly and instinctively through their muscles (ancestral program), with a real explosion of physical energy which, if properly addressed, can have extremely positive effects. If the type 0 person is unable to respond to stress in the most congenial way for him, he risks accumulating excess energy until he reaches the so-called “exhaustion” phase; which can lead to the onset of psychological symptoms such as depression, fatigue, insomnia in addition to an increased sensitivity to inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The best way to discharge all available energy is to undergo intense physical exercise, the most suitable sports are aerobics, weight lifting, martial arts, jogging, swimming, running, step, bicycle (or exercise bike), long walks.

The idea that there is a link between blood type and personality is a fascinating hypothesis that many scholars have devoted themselves to over the past hundred years. Nowadays, some western scientists and psychologists, including Dr. D’Adamo, have also conducted several studies and found a certain affinity between people belonging to the same blood group. According to these studies, each person with blood type 0 hides in his genetic memory, strength, endurance, sense of self-esteem, unconsciousness, intuition, and optimism. This is the genetic heritage of the first men, endowed with passion, energy, the instinct for conservation and great self-confidence, all the necessary qualities in a hostile environment like that of the time.

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