Coronavirus COVID-19 and Immune System

COVID-19 is part of the coronavirus family to which MERS and SARS also belong, with the difference that it is a new and unknown virus.

Like MERS and SARS, it causes a disease ranging from the symptoms of a common cold to very severe respiratory complications, especially in patients of advanced age and with pre-existing conditions.

The latest studies confirm that the virus has an incubation period of at least 14 days, but asymptomatic infection seems to be possible, that is when the patient does not show any symptoms. Continue reading “Coronavirus COVID-19 and Immune System”

DNA and Foods

Did you know of some genetic information contained in your blood that can determine the benefits or not of certain foods?


It is not possible to regulate a perfect food lifestyle based simply on belonging to individual blood types. The well-known naturopath Peter D’Adamo, resuming the studies and experimentation of his father James D’Adamo, has found several confirmations that an individual with a certain blood group has an affinity for some foods rather than others. These researches and observations have been supported by already existing scientific contributions, started in the early 1900s with the Austrian Nobel Prize-winning researcher Karl Landsteiner and continued with researchers Alfredo De Castello, Adriano Sturli, Emil von Dungern, Ludwig Hirszfeld …

Certainly, the theory of blood groups and their relationship with nutrition must be further investigated; the variables to be taken into consideration are manifold and a relative diet should not be considered a dogma from which it cannot be waived. To think that all people of the same blood group can include the same foods in their lifestyle, does not agree with the genetic differences that distinguish humans even within the same blood group. Epigenetics studies show that the environment influences our DNA. Since the past, the different latitudes of the planet have strongly changed human eating habits. The climate, for example, favors a very different flora and fauna; we fed on what was available. It follows that, for the same blood group, two people may have developed different tolerance skills for certain foods. But research continues and the old paradigms of dogmatic science are being torn down. Stay tuned and you will know more …


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