Coffee is not recommended for those belonging to blood type 0, instead, it can be consumed in moderation by people belonging to type A and type B. For those belonging to type AB, in general, coffee is among the beneficial foods and can be considered “almost a medicine “, especially in case of digestive problems or when you want to have a little more energy. Be careful because there may be exceptions.

Barley coffee can be consumed by people of type A and AB, as long as they do not have serious problems with gluten. Barley and malt are sometimes also contained in normal soluble coffees, therefore those who suffer from gluten intolerance are advised to carefully read the ingredients of these products. Continue reading “Coffee”

Pizza and Diet: How to Transgress

Transgression is possible, but the more you manage to observe the diet, the better you will be healthy. As we have already said in one of the previous posts, those who do not have serious health problems can sometimes contravene the indications of the blood type diet (or any other healthy diet low in carbohydrates), without damaging their physical conditions. The more severe the pathologies, the more the temporary diet break becomes risky; for example, those who suffer from autoimmune diseases, by transgressing, can compromise months of proper nutrition. In such cases, occasional contact with prohibited foods is sufficient to have repercussions on the body that can last for days. Continue reading “Pizza and Diet: How to Transgress”

Gluten and Cereals

Certainly not famous for weight loss, are instead responsible for the increase of liquids retention and also for the raising up of cholesterol and blood sugar levels, some cereals are made even more palatable by the food industry, adding sugars and other “natural” aromas of dubious origin. Cereals are listed below, sorted by their gluten content. Rye and oats are more likely to be well tolerated by the body. However, it is better to subject these foods to careful verification by the consumer, starting with the preference for cereals of organic origin. Continue reading “Gluten and Cereals”

Blood Type AB and Animal Proteins

The AB blood type is rare (2-5% of the population) and biologically complex.
The presence of two antigens gives this type of blood similar characteristics, in some respects to those of type A, for others to those of type B, and for others still, it is a fusion of both blood groups.
These characteristics can have a positive or negative value according to the circumstances. That’s why the AB group diet should be followed with particular attention. Indeed, to better familiarize yourself with the diet regime proposed on our website, it is good to read carefully also those dedicated to types A and B. Continue reading “Blood Type AB and Animal Proteins”

Blood Type B and Animal Proteins

If you are type B, your blood has characteristics, from a certain point of view, almost unique. Blood type B is the result of a refinement that has taken place along the path of evolution; the evidence of the rapprochement of peoples and cultures.
By following the advice of the blood type diet, type B people often manage not to fall victim to serious ailments and to live a long and healthy life. The dietary regimen of type B is balanced as it includes the best of the animal and vegetable worlds. Continue reading “Blood Type B and Animal Proteins”

Food Additives

Even in the blood type diet, as in any other healthy lifestyle, the choice of fresh food is suggested, limiting as much as possible the consumption of processed or pre-packed foods. A long series of food additives (sulfur dioxide, glutamate, sulfites, nitrites, nitrates, etc.) are contained in preserved, dried, pre-packed, frozen, that is, in all those foods that we have become accustomed to using because they facilitate the task of who, for lack of time or passion, or both, prepares food. Continue reading “Food Additives”

Blood Type 0 and Meat Proteins

If you are of blood type 0, you will have greater benefits if you follow a diet rich in animal proteins and an intense exercise plan. Your digestive system retains millennia-old characteristics, those of hunter-gatherers. The enormous energy needs necessary to survive in a hostile environment had probably accustomed the body of primitive man to tolerate a slight state of ketosis well. Continue reading “Blood Type 0 and Meat Proteins”

Allergies, Intolerances and Immune System

Allergy is a strong immune reaction towards specific substances that come in contact with the human body. The substances in question, such as pollen, mites, food, drugs, are considered dangerous by the immune system, which activates the production of antibodies to counteract the harmful molecule. This biological mechanism is the basis of the allergic reaction, which usually occurs very quickly.
All allergies involve the immune system and therefore can be ascertained with blood tests, which measure the presence of antibodies against certain allergens. Continue reading “Allergies, Intolerances and Immune System”