Coffee is not recommended for those belonging to blood type 0, instead, it can be consumed in moderation by people belonging to type A and type B. For those belonging to type AB, in general, coffee is among the beneficial foods and can be considered “almost a medicine “, especially in case of digestive problems or when you want to have a little more energy. Be careful because there may be exceptions.

Barley coffee can be consumed by people of type A and AB, as long as they do not have serious problems with gluten. Barley and malt are sometimes also contained in normal soluble coffees, therefore those who suffer from gluten intolerance are advised to carefully read the ingredients of these products.

Chicory coffee can be an excellent possible alternative to barley coffee, as it is tolerated by everyone, without distinction. For the preparation, it is better not to use the “mocha” type coffee maker and boil it instead in four or five minutes in a small pot or in a jug.

Ginseng coffee, if it contained only the two products whose name it bears, could be consumed by people of type A, B, and AB. Some of the best-known brands have the following wordings: Ginseng coffee, powdered preparation for milk drink, coffee, and ginseng. Ingredients: 29.5% skimmed milk powder, sugar, glucose syrup, instant coffee 14.2%, lactose, milk protein, maltodextrin, flavors (gluten and color E150d), vegetable oil, stabilizer E339, ginseng extract 0.58%. As is clear, most of the ingredients are made from milk derivatives and sugars.