If you are of blood type 0, you will have greater benefits if you follow a diet rich in animal proteins and an intense exercise plan. Your digestive system retains millennia-old characteristics, those of hunter-gatherers. The enormous energy needs necessary to survive in a hostile environment had probably accustomed the body of primitive man to tolerate a slight state of ketosis well.

In this condition, a certain proportion of proteins and fats cannot be completely “demolished”, but is metabolized in a process that leads to the formation of substances called ketone bodies. The latter, to some extent, can be used by the brain, heart, and muscles as an alternative fuel to glucose. It is clear that the association of ketosis, low-calorie diet, and intense exercise contributed to keeping our ancestors thin and quick, two essential conditions for the survival of the species.

Which meat is best for blood type 0?

Nutritionists advise against the consumption of excessive quantities of meat because it is too rich in saturated fats, harmful to the heart and circulation. In addition, most of the meat on the market, coming from intensive farming, is poisoned by the indiscriminate use of hormones and antibiotics. Not to mention the dubious quality of the cereals that are used to feed animals. Today, however, it is possible to overcome this obstacle thanks to the increasing availability of lean meats, coming from livestock raised according to rigorous legislation that prohibits the use of hormones or other harmful substances. It is always better to prefer grass-fed meats.

Suggested/green light: lamb, beef or horse bresaola (without lactose or other additives), dried meat, Carne Salada (fresh beef meat preserved with salt and spices), kid, roe deer, horse, heart and liver (not pork), beef, mutton, calf.

Neutral: duck, rabbit, hare, capon, chicken, rooster, hen, turkey, pheasant, ostrich.

Not recommended/red light: wild boar, pork (meats and salami especially if smoked), goose, any type of smoked meat.

Red meat: do not combine it with cereals or dairy products, you can do it with vegetables and fruit. Here are some tips on how to combine meat:

  • Grilled meat with stewed zucchini.
  • White rice salad (rice with vegetables) with turkey.
  • Grilled beef or veal with spinach and artichokes.
  • Grilled chicken or turkey with chard and a little quinoa.